Dan Gunn, Jr.

As Featured on Nancy Grace

It has been 35 years since Dan Gunn, Jr., a hard-working family farmer in Houston County, Georgia, was murdered in his home. While the unsolved murder did catch the attention of Nancy Grace a few years ago, there has been little local interest. This is true even as cold cases have been and are being solved by the hundreds nationwide with new and modern crime solving science.

This site seeks to ask why this case has not been afforded the same attention as other local cases. It also serves a tribute to the man, Dan Gunn, Jr.

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In Loving Memory of Dann Gunn, Jr.One of the three main suspects positively identified by Houston County Sheriff's Department investigators has continued to commit crimes and has racked up nine major felony convictions with several charges recently dropped in neighboring Peach County.

This suspect in a major Houston County murder was last convicted of manufacturing methamphetamine, receiving only a mere two year prison sentence in Houston County Superior Court, an unheard of sentence for such a serious felony offense. This suspect remains unmolested by Houston County authorities and seems to be a "pet" of Houston County law enforcement still running wild and free continuing to commit felonies in neighboring counties! With ten major felonies, this man should be in prison, notwithstanding his suspected involvement in the 1984 unsolved murder case of prominent agri-businessman Dan Gunn, Jr. for which with extensive prior felonies he should have been forced to talk.

It's sadly tragic for all the hardworking mid-state citizens that knew and admired Mr. Gunn and the many current newer citizens that have never heard of the case, along with the tragedy of the family for which Gunn Road is named never seeing justice. It seems that Houston County authorities up to this point, so far, have severely botched this case. Why was the G.B.I. not called in to assist as is customary in similar cases? The victim's surviving family and Georgia citizens deserve answers to these questions and one of the purposes of this website is to gain those answers which is the role of tax funded government authorities.

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