In Loving Memory of Dann Gunn, Jr. Quarter Century Cold Case

Kelly Burke is deserting the top prosecutorial position in Houston County on the twenty-sixth anniversary of a cold case he claims his office assisted in. When, in fact, his office, according to the sheriff’s department “came and took that file a few years back”. The Telegraph should report if the “open case exclusion” is invoked as it has been when the victim midstate farmer Dan Gunn, Jr.’s family inquired of the case. With Mr. Burke now deciding to run for the county commission chair it would seem answers should be sought and reported. Especially with recent other cold case publicity in the same era (Mauk cold case). Not to mention other cases, such as the solving by Warner Robins police of a “95 case with the new DNA science and an ’88 case interrogating the already imprisoned suspect. Mr. Burke is right to be concerned with youth recreation for it forestalls crime. Is D.A. Burke’s interest in this also because of the ease of which it is now with the recent addition of the Little League complex and funds-publicity to advocate himself in a favorable light on a popular issue?

D.A. Burke’s 04-20-09 Viewpoints piece, “unsolved Murders” with its pro law enforcement political drivel should be embellished upon by him concerning the Gunn cold case. If not, The Telegraph should investigate and report if it is stonewalled with the pending case claim on this case. Twenty-six years ago this weekend is long enough claiming the case is still open. 

02-27-16 Dan Gunn, Jr. 02-29-84



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