Cold Case Murder of Dan Gunn, Jr.


(This tribute was published in The Telegraph on Father's Day, 2012)

In Memory
Dan Gunn Jr.

February 29, 1916 - February 27, 1984

This 28th Father's Day Anniversary since Tragic Death

Dan Gunn, Jr. and Dan Gunn, III
Dan Gunn Jr. and son atop Stone Mountain, 1968

This is the 28th Father's Day since his unsolved murder. He is still missed by his few surviving friends and grieved by his son who will never forget. Cruelly an unrepentant and unpunished thief-in-the-night robbed our world of a hardworking, well respected agri-businessman and Peach Farmer in the dark of night, February 27, 1984. He was interred at historic Riverside Cemetery on his leap-year birthday among his equally successful forebearers, whose ancestors are rooted in midstate history since the Revolutionary War. Coming of age and going to work during the Great Depression to save the family farm he worked, along with millions of Americans, exhaustively long hours through WWII "rendering unto Caesar" and Houston County prodigious tax revenue, contributing abundant farm commodities to the nation efficiently throughout the successful Cold War. But sadly failing to witness his beloved Pres. Reagan exhort Soviet Leader Gorbachev to "tear down this wall!". Hard work, innovation, advancement in our nation are the things that interested him and he placed value on. In addition to his son, daughter, grandchild, great-grandchildren and "loving companion" whom along with her four children - fondly remember "Mr. Dan" as he was called by most, as "a kind genuine wonderful man" who they "truly miss" are younger midstate citizens who are denied the pleasure of ever experiencing this eccentric hard working, exceedingly productive and fascinating man. Another great American gone too soon. Due to longevity in his family, he could very well be celebrating Father's Day with his children, grandchild and great grandchildren. He was slain approaching the autumn of his life before he could relax and enjoy the fruits of his dedication. Lest he be forgotten... I won't...

Dan Gunn III

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